Vision Statement

To develop into a renowned center of excellence for teaching and research into environmental issues.

Mission Statement

Train middle and high level environmental scientists capable of tackling the nation's numerous environmental issues. This will be accomplished through instruction, supported by applied research and service to private and public organizations using state of the art technology. the Department is committed to being a local, national and international leader in the training of students for viable careers in the environmental industry.

Core Values

  1. Reliability – To be trusted and dependable.
  2. Integrity – Demonstrate professionalism in   every undertaking
  3. Honesty – To be truthful and ethical in all endeavours.
  4. Espirit de corps – Working collectively as a team to accomplish set objectives.
  5. Creativity and Innovation – Applying skills and resourcefulness to project into the future and respond appropriately to the demands of the day.
  6. Hardwork – Putting a lot of efforts into our core business of teaching, research and extension services.
  7. Diligence – Putting carefulness and thoroughness into our work.
  8. Discipline – Obeying rules and regulations regarding our work.